Let’s Read: Throne of Glass chapter 9

Hey, ready to help me procrastinate on real work?

If you are, it’s block quote time. Continue reading


Let’s Read: Throne of Glass Chapter 8

Turns out that being motivated to blog about bad YA fantasy does not actually change your workload. What’s up with that?

Celaena walked down a marble hall, her dress flowing behind in a purple and white wave.

More like a purple prose wave am I right. That joke doesn’t even make sense; the problem with this book isn’t overwriting but the complete absence of anything that isn’t a stock phrase. Aren’t you glad I’m back. Continue reading

let’s read Throne of Glass: chapter 3d

Sorry for the delay! Things got rather overwhelming for a bit.

The d after the three up there was a typo, but I couldn’t convince myself to get rid of it.

Last time in Throne of Glass, the chapter ended in the middle of a conversation in what seemed to be a very bad attempt at drawing out tension.

This time in Throne of Glass: the conversation continues from the exact point where it left off!

Seriously why couldn’t this have been one chapter. Continue reading