This is, in fact, a post

Hello to anyone reading this!

As you have probably noticed, there was a distinct lack of any posts here for the last…two years… There are several reasons for this, the biggest ones being how much of my energy working a more demanding part-time job and being more ambitious in my second MA program took out of me, and a decline in health. The second issue is being gradually addressed, but the first issue has been more addressed by my completing my degree requirements! (And continuing to not be hired for a full-time job, which is. great.)

I’m really hoping to use this year to get back into blogging at last! The plan is to focus on books, though if I have particular thoughts on something else that might turn up too. First, of course, there’s the Throne of Glass series. I’m also thinking of debuting a series where I actually read the books I’ve picked up for free by working at a bookstore, which will have the entertainment value of “this is something I picked up because ‘why not, it’s free'” and the practical value of possibly helping to clear out the piles of books I have accrued.

So watch this space, I guess?


Let’s Read: Throne of Glass Chapter 8

Turns out that being motivated to blog about bad YA fantasy does not actually change your workload. What’s up with that?

Celaena walked down a marble hall, her dress flowing behind in a purple and white wave.

More like a purple prose wave am I right. That joke doesn’t even make sense; the problem with this book isn’t overwriting but the complete absence of anything that isn’t a stock phrase. Aren’t you glad I’m back. Continue reading